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Our Production

An interesting thing happens when you meet someone you really like. You become friends, and then they introduce you to their friends, and suddenly your world is bigger and filled with more people and things to love. This is how we came to establish our base in the region around Nantes, France. We first arrived through our connection with Jean-Baptiste and Francois-Marie at the Brosserie Julio and have since become part of a wonderful network of highly skilled craftsmen and producers in the area.


The first step in production is the selection of materials. We take great care to make sure everything is as pure, honest, and ecological as possible. Once all the parts have been produced, they are carefully assembled and examined by expert hands. They are then packaged, stored and shipped out from Adapei, a center that works with people with intellectual disabilities, ensuring that they have a good job and meaningful position in society. Having everything produced locally means minimal transportation and ecological footprint, which complies with our strategy to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Our boxes and cartons are made from 100% recycled material as well.


We love nature and our community, and we will always do our best to respect and protect the people and things we love.